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Complying Development

Complete Applications for Project Design Plans

Has your Complying Development Application co`me back with a list of revisions guaranteed to delay construction? 

Midcoast Town Planning may have anticipated the need for these necessary studies and started the process for a speedier conclusion. Most delays in Council are due to waiting for additional information. We can present key information up front, so you can walk out of the meeting with an approval in your pocket.

Even when you are just adding one more bedroom to your house, the Council may have regulations that demand extra work on your part. When you work with our expert planners, you will have all the pertinent information at your fingertips, so you can anticipate changes to your original plans. Our reputation can speed up the review and approval process.

Set up your initial consultation with Midcoast Town Planning by giving our office a ring today to talk about complying development or complete our online project enquiry form and provide us as much information as possible. 

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