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Environmental Assessment

Who do you call when your local Council asks for an environmental assessment for your proposed development project? Midcoast Town Planning has the experts and connections to make it happen as quickly as possible. We are able to complete a physical survey and project the impact of your new retail complex, subdivision, or industrial development. After finishing the study, we can suggest steps you may take to help mitigate any negative impacts on the local wildlife, flora, and fauna.

Social Impact Assessments that Garner the Support of the Council and Public

For rapidly growing towns and cities, a social impact assessment may be requested along with your development plans. Once your housing development is completed, will there be a demand for new schools, more police officers, expanded highways, and even a new shopping district? These assessments can help to green light your project while allowing the town to kick start their own plans for the future. You may even get support from the residents as they will experience a lower tax burden when the development is completed.

Considering Every Element of Your Project for a Positive Outcome

Our town planners have the tertiary education and years of experience working in the industry to help you avoid obstacles by anticipating restrictions posed by your Council. We take a thorough picture of your proposed project and can suggest improvements that will allow the Council to place their stamp of approval on your plans without delay.

Contact Midcoast Town Planning a ring today and put your development plans on the road to success or complete our online project enquiry form and provide us with as much information as possible.

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